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Q1: What you should know about the NHI's regulations on enrollment for foreigners?

NHI covers not just Taiwanese, but all the foreigners with the Alien Residence Certificate in Taiwan. If you come to Taiwan as an employee with a working permit and a residence permit, you can join the NHI as soon as you start work in Taiwan; no waiting period. In this case, your employer is responsible for your enrollment.

If you are not an employee but own your own company, you will have to wait for 6 months before you are entitled to join the NHI. This may sound odd, but because these people are usually better off than others,they could probably afford to purchase private  insurance during that waiting period.

Their dependents with Residence Certificates must also wait for 6 months.


Q2: Should you change your enrollment status when you stay in another country for some time?

If you plan to live in another country for more than six months , you can continue to pay the premium to keep the coverage. Those who continue to pay the premium and maintain coverage may claim for emergency treatment or childbirth medical expenses while living outside of Taiwan. Proper documentation certifying the medical condition and expenses incurred is required for reimbursement application.

Those who choose to temporarily suspend the program may file an application with our office before departure. Upon returning to Taiwan, application to reactivate the coverage should be submitted. Those who choose to suspend the coverage, but return within the 6-month period need to repay the premiums to cover the period while absent from Taiwan.

It is different when Taiwan citizens leave Taiwan for more than two years. Their Household registrations will be temporarily suspended and not be qualified for the NHI until they update and re-activate their Household registrations.