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As digital technology advances, more and more people are used to do everything on their smart phones. To enforce the people’s right to know regarding their healthcare records, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) developed My Health Bank system for the public to be on top of their own health anytime anywhere.

To increase the applied value of such health data, the NHIA established a software development kit (SDK) for My Health Bank. The SDK interfaces third-party applications such as those of hospitals, clinics, or for personal health management. Users can select data of medical visits, medications, and exam results within a specific period from My Health Bank and authorize to share these data with a trusted third-party application. In this way, dull medical data can be transformed into various innovative healthcare services with added-values through AI and visualization technologies and help the public to achieve better self-management of the health.

My Health Bank SDK combined technology with newly emerged digital healthcare models and prompted substantial advancement in healthcare industry through alternative applications of healthcare data. This pioneering collaboration between public and private sectors has brought a new momentum into smart medicine and obtained 2023 Innovative Application Award in the category of smart government (governance) for central government and relevant agencies with innovative application.